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What is UD?>The definition of UD

The definition of UD

~This page is describing about definitions of UD~
The definition of UD
The History of UD
The Targets of UD

The seven principals of UD

First, we will explain about the seven principals of UD. These thoughts of “Universal Design” was suggested by Ronald L. Mace, and spread it all around the world with other scientists. There are seven principals to make a design to be called UD.

  1. Equitable use
    A design doesn't choose whom to use the item, it is usable to all people.

  2. Flexibility in use
    A design that has several ways to use, can select the most usable way that the person wants.

  3. Simple and intuitive use
    A design that is understandable to know how to use.

  4. Perceptible information
    A design that is understandable what it is about.

  5. Tolerance for error
    A design that is thought of safety well. Also, is easy to fix the error or accident when needed.

  6. Low physical effort
    A design that mitigate the use of physical effort. Also, can be used in the most comfortable form.

  7. Size and space for approach and use
    A design that has perfect space to use, and does not depend on the user’s size of body, form and their knowledge. Also, easy to move, pack up and does not obstruct.

Additional three clauses of UD

These three clauses are not well known because of the seven principals we introduced, but these rules also make UD more for a design for many people.

  1. Durability and profitability
    A design that can be used for a long span, and can be bought in a politic cost. Also having a good balance of what we can earn from the item. Even the item is not broken, it should be easy to check it is used correctly.
  2. Quality and high esthetics
    A design that has high quality and also has high sense of beautifulness.
  3. Well thought of health and economy
    A design that is not using noxious substances. Also is easy to throw away and recycle or reuse.

Difference to Barrier free

We think that most people are linking the word “Barrier free” to UD, but these two has a big difference. Most people are not understanding these difference ・as a good example, we also did not understand well about these difference in the first place.
b Now, let’s look about these similar two words.

Barrier free is a design that you make for only a specific age or person like elders, compared to UD is a design that thinks to difference between every single person, and is made to all people around the world. Normally, UD is thought that it is an excelled design than barrier free. Barrie free is a thought you make away a specific conditioned people’s barrier, which means that it only is responded to these specific people. However, UD is a design that is trying to make every single people feel comfortable to use.
As you can see, because UD is not aimed to only specific people, it is mostly impossible to make a complete UD. This is why most places are covering these incompletions of UD with barrier free.

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