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The History of UD

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The History of UD
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The History of UD

In the 1950s at Denmark, the way of thinking to guarantee life and the right of the person with a disability was born. The idea called "normalization" proposed in that time by Bank-Mikkelesen, was a thought to fix the condition to make people with disabilities have a normal life in the general public with the ordinary people by not having special supports. The first concept of universal design was born in the United States. Because impaired people increased rapidly by the long war, laws about making the society where both ordinary people and people with disabilities feel comfortably to live in the 1960s to the 1990s were arranged sequentially. In the same time, a law called the Americans with Disability Act method (the ADA method) has been established. This law had protected the rights of people with disabilities widely to say that it is discriminating people to make facilities that are uncomfortable for people with disabilities. However, it was a problem that facilities which were under the law but were not considering people with disabilities had increased rapidly. Therefore, the concept of UD by Dr. Ronald had spread out in the world rapidly.

The concept of UD had spread in Japan in about the 1980s. Since the barrier-free concept which is a conception of consideration for both ordinary people and people with disabilities was born in the 1970s, the concept of UD was born and had spread rapidly in the 1980s and the 1990s. Japanese called items and services which was considering UD, a "items and services for a common use" by the "E&C project" in 1991. These items for common uses meant "products, facilities, and the services that more people feel comfortable to use - not relying on how the people has disabilities or not". A lot of laws, ordinances and measures were made by the Japanese government (including the heart building method in 1994, resolution about the formation promotion of the Universal Corp. society in 2004, universal design production general rules in 2005 and the new-barrier free law in 2006), and UD is spreading afterwards in the society. UD is a concept that had spread out in the world in a short term. We cannot yet say that it completely spread out in the world. Therefore, it is necessary for us, us young generation to keep development and the spread of UD in mind.

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