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UD for hearing impairments

In our daily lives, we use many sounds and words in conversations, TV, and broadcasts. One of the essential things to exchange information between people is sounds. We can notice when an email arrives and is also used to share information quickly by conversations. Sounds are useable devices to use in many situations. On the other hand, it is also a fact that the amount of information we can learn from sight has increased these days. We can now know information from visual laborers in subtitles of TV or also in electric signboards. Furthermore, we can know things from voices, braille, panels and other various ways in museums, shops and so on. We can say that communicating information using several ways like hearing and looking, can both be useable and convenient to ordinary people and handicappers.

Let’s look at other concrete examples. There are many hard situations to obtain information for a person who has a severe auditory in train stations even there is PA system when the person is calling or is wearing earphones. In these situations, handicappers use the video billboard to earn the same information with ordinary people. To give other examples, alarm clocks today has vibrations when you put on the alarm which means that you can wake up by the vibration of the clock. Ambulance cars make us notice that they are coming closer by both sound and the red lamp on top of the car. In banks and hospitals, they give an announce and shows us the number they are calling at the counter.

In these ways, we can say that the spread of UD made the environment comfortable to obtain information with or without an obstacle. However, it also stated that this is not perfect because they are not useful for people who is short in stature has difficulty seeing the billboard in closed spaces or person who has a decline in eyes and ears. UD is a way that makes people feel more convenient to things or systems but is impossible to make all people around the world feel comfortable. It will be a longtime theme to make items and systems to all humankind.

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