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The number of foreign tourists increases more in the recent Japanese society because globalization made rapid progress, and the number is said about 20 million. Furthermore, the Internet technology developed too, and people of the world had begun to watch information on WEB. In this way, the time to learn about foreign countries are increasing day by day. The Tokyo Olympics is planned in 2020, and it will be certain that foreign tourists increase from now on.
The difference in language and culture is a big hindrance while globalization advances. In airports and public accommodations, they are solving these problems by descripting by not only in Japanese, but also making the indication of the sign in other national languages. As for most, it is written English with Japanese. However, this does not make all people to feel easy to use these structures. For example, as for the meaning of the measures, if there is only notation in Japanese and English, it is not easy to understand for Chinese or Korean or other people who does not use Japanese and English as their mother tongue. When going to solve this problem from the viewpoint of equitableness which is one of seven UD principles, the most effective thing to do is to change these explanations in to an intelligible figure. This technique has been already adopted at various places. Signs and manuals using as a simple pictogram, enables communication that is not able to communicate with language. It is a difficult point that it is not much detailed as using languages and words, but the transmission quality of the information does not spoil while considering UD by the combination of using language and figure. However, we need to consider carefully about if these figures are used only in a limited area or countries.
s a related fact, the Infrastructure and Transport Japan Tourism Agency in the Ministry of Land, is suggesting to bring UD into sightseeing for various people as well as foreigners. This is called universal design of sightseeing or universal tourism. By nominating travelers’ nine kinds of consideration needing including foreign tourists in sightseeing and promote the suggestion of solutions corresponding to each and past examples to spread the idea of universal tourism by introducing.

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