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~This page is about UD for visual deficits~
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UD for visual deficits

“Sight obstacles” includes both difficulty of seeing things, and having difficulty to compare colors that are completely different (this is called color-vision deficiency).The reduction of eyesight is told in several levels by the degree;blind is not seeing a thing at all, amblyopia is not seeing things less than 0.03. (we will discuss the color-vision deficiency in a different section.)

For the people who has a disability in sight, it is determined by the Road Traffic Law that when they walk, they need to use a stick or a guide dog when going out. Guide dogs and service dogs, hearing dogs are called "Assistance dogs" in once. The local governments and the public transport companies, which are used by unspecified numbers of people, must not refuse the companion of assistance dogs to people with physical disability, by the law of assistance dogs which was enforced on October 1st, 2002. This contrivance is not UD but enriches one’s understandings to handicappers.

We can remove disability of visually impaired person by simple devices. For example, shampoo bottles have bumps on the side and the top.It was just a little contrivance that one company started because they wanted to make a difference between shampoo bottles and conditioner bottles. Today mostly all companies are putting these bumps to bottles since it is a useful design to know which bottle is which. By this small bumps, many consumers including non-disabled people said that this is a very useful contrivance for these bottles. From this example, we can say that new techniques are not what we need to make UD.

UD for the partial color blindness

We may show information using a color in a graph and a figure. I think that the person having general sense of color often feels it if I read a graph and a figure separated by color if plain. However, approximately 5% of Japanese people have sense of color different from the color that many people feel.

The organization where a human being feels a color for

Light is converted into an electrical signal and communicates with the cerebral qualification center and calls that a color is recognized sense of color. This sense of color has some kinds. It is C type sense of color of color to occupy most of the sense of color that a Japanese has and can just take in the prismatic colors of the rainbow. 5% of people who stayed had P type sense of color or D type sense of color and were used the name that "a sense of color geek" or "a sense of color person with a disability" were discriminatory until now. We use a name called "the color weak" today.
People with P type sense of color point at the person who is hard to take in red light, and the D form sense of color points to the person who is hard to take in green light. In addition, there is the type A that is hard to take in the Model T which becomes hard to take in inexperienced light as acquired sense of color and plural light. As for 200 million people who are not a C type, sense of color exists when I look worldwide. That is why you must never call these people "a sense of color geek". Either is normal, and ability is high, and one is abnormal, and ability is not low anymore, and it is necessary to think that person each owns different color space and color recognition ability.
As other examples, the sense of color may change by the eye disease that becomes easy to develop by aging. The masterpiece is cataract and is told that it develops in 3 million people in Japan. It becomes hard to be accompanied by yellow and the white distinction that it becomes hard to take in the light of a blue system as a symptom, and view looks reddish. In addition, there is an eye disease called the glaucoma. This eye disease is caused by the damage of the retina visual cell, and the symptom that a field of vision gradually gets narrow comes out. There are a lot of examples leading to loss of eyesight. These examples which sense of color turns into are often classified in the approximately Model T sense of color mentioned above by a disease.

Color Universal Design

There are persons having various sense of color in this way exists, but the person of partial color blindness to have sense of color of the minority may feel difficulty in many scenes of the life. For example, there is not the identification of the power supply lamp of a signal and the household appliance, and meat can say distinction burnt well for an example affecting health when it is not possible with a color when many walls overflow in a town. The society led by the general sense of color person becomes the environment that is hard to live for the color-blind person of the minority.
In this situation, a laborer considered UD has been gradually worked as. " color universal design " means universal design in consideration for difference in sense of color in particular. Examples include display and a Web site, the notice that are easy to be available of a thing and the distinction not to use the red thing which a person with P type sense of color is hard to distinguish for as much as possible mainly.
As a former example, there is the device that the hue of the chalk of a thing and the school using the thing which changed the light of a red laser pointer into green as a former example changes into the thing that an orange is delicately near.
As a latter example, there are techniques dividing a color into every area is used with a sign well. However, with that alone it shows what color a color of the mucus is, and there is a device changing a design and form into.
Furthermore, it helps one big for a person of partial color blindness to use the color prescribed by NPO corporation color universal design mechanism (CUDO).

Consider to Color Universal Design

Then, how can we confirm whether we consider to color universal design? At first it is necessary to know how you feel it when the person of the person with partial color blindness just watched an existing thing.
It is effective to use CUD check tool to confirm it. A method to confirm on a computer includes simulation using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I can reproduce vanity of the P type and D form with the sense of color on a display when I use this function. Illustratively, We show the back to the image of the lower right before an image to process.
There is the software which simulates the sense of color elsewhere, and the display which I attached a simulation function to exists. The product called the CUD check glasses which can experience the sight of the person with partial color blindness even if I do not go through a computer one by one exists.
It contributes to realization of the color universal design that I utilize such a technique, and any person thinks about a design usable comfortably.
Sense of color simulation of Photoshop
Before and After of image
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