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UD for physical difficulty

Physical disabilities mean people with obstacles to the limbs such as a hand or foot. The person of the limbs inconvenience occupies 54% of people with a physical disability and can classify it into upper limb disability, lower limb disability, disturbance of motility. In this page, we will close up hand disorders and foot disorders.

Hand disabilities

Most stationery and kitchen tools are not thinking about a person with a manual disorder. This is because there are kinds of degrees and the kind of the obstacle diverges depending on people, and it's hard to correspond to all people. If there are several degrees and kinds of disorders, the design has to be used in various ways. In these cases, standard designs should not be commonly used. It is necessary to remove preconception and to think about a design that is in an entirely new form. As an example, let’s say we make a pen in consideration for UD. We imagine various forms when using a pen. Using with the left hand, grasping it, put your finger through a hole, pinching it in two fingers are forms that we can think of immediately, but there are also more forms that we usually do not think. We also must consider holding it in a mouth or using it with a foot. It is important to get rid of prejudice about how we use items, and it is necessary to think about a good design in patency.

Foot disabilities

The reason why people that has foot disorder, has various situations in their background. We cannot necessarily explain them in once, but after all most person may feel inconvenience including ordinary people. Foot disorders often use an artificial leg, a wheelchair or a walk assistance stick. However, even though using these supporting items, they may feel inconvenience in movements.
When we move, the most important thing is the width of the passage and a wide space that people can move. Multipurpose toilets are installing handrails and taking a large space so that even people using wheelchairs can feel comfortable to use the toilet. Also, it will make people feel that the even small obstacles and low steps are inconvenient, so installing both slopes and stairs is necessary. This UD may be for ordinary people when they injured their body, which means it is valid to all people in all situations.
People using wheelchairs often feels inconvenience to reach high places. For example, they say that it is hard to use the vending machine with the button in the high place. By moving the where the buttons are placed, not only made people using wheelchairs but also children feel comfortable to buy at the vending machine. We can have a larger number of people use this machine and we can say that this vending machine has thought of UD.
UD for physical handicappers seems to be often devised barrier-freed items in the process, but it could be thought of UD judging later on when we use the item. UD is not decided whether how these items are made; consumers are the ones that decide if the items are UD by having impression after using it.

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