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Sitting down is an act that all people do every day. There are contrivances to some chairs for making it used by a lot of people. You can sit very comfortably because you don’t give pressure to your inner muscle when sitting in a chair that is accorded to biotechnology. This gives less obligation to the human body and helps a cozily time to rest. Also, most chairs are designed to various sized people, which means that it has lots of holes on the chair to change the shape to make your chair that you think is the most comfortable to sit.

The picture below is a chair that is in our school. It is easy to exchange components when necessary, and the height of the bearing surface can be controlled by the lever. This chair is used for more than 20 years in our school.

he lever which you can change the height of the chair to the level you want. The knob which you can change the angle of the back in the level you want.

Easily exchange components when broken. The sign in the Eco-mark is said “Easily exchange components.”

Our Thoughts

We understood that there are many contrivances to chairs because chairs are used frequently in our life. It surprised us that chars improved convenience by making the structure feel comfortable to use it for a long time, even we don’t know when just using in our lives. We hope that more people can have a more comfortable life at their houses by thinking the same things to desks and other daily necessities.

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