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I think that general persons recognize money by the number that is on the bill or the chip, and notice how much money they have.
However, people who have visual disturbance cannot look and understand what number is written on the coin, and this makes inconvenience to these people because they cannot tell apart what money they have. What they are doing to recognize types of coins and bills, are to feel and touch the difference of the shape of each coin.
For example, the five-thousand-yen bill has a hexagon bump, and a thousand-yen bill has one rectangle bump on the lower corner of the bill. Also, for coins, you can recognize by the hole in the middle or the ridges on the edge of the coin. There are hints that could tell you by touching which coins and bill weigh money.

Our Thoughts

Money that is indispensable to our life. We can assort it quickly by the color and form, presence of the bumps when we take coins out of our wallet. In fact, I have experience that was able to distinguish vaerities of coins. In addition, I admired about coins used in our country is well designed that all people can use freely without feeling unnaturalness of the shape by keeping difference in the texture to bills.

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