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Injury by using thumbtacks are may happen to most people. The reason could be stabbing on your finger by mistake carelessly, or stepping on a thumbtack which was on the floor. To prevent this kind of accidents, one company invented a thumbtack that has a tender silicon cover to go around the needle. The needle appears from the silicon cover only when you take pressure to the thumbtack to a bulletin board, and you also can take out the thumbtack by pulling the silicon cover. By these actions, we can know that this silicon cover has both meanings, in safety and reducing the amount of power to use when pulling out the thumbtack.

It is thumbtack's package. There is UD writing. It is in condition to have pricked the wall with a thumbtack. I can easily take it off if I have a silicon cover when I remove it.

Our Thoughts

When using old typed thumbtacks, we often feel inconvenience and danger to these items. For example, we need to use strong power when taking out from the wall, or when taking thumbtacks from a box. These UD thumbtacks may decrease these feelings when using the old types, but we also thought that it may bulk and may limit the amount of thumbtacks to storage in a box. Refining small parts of items makes a design for all people.

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