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Flip phones

Just several years ago, all people including adults and children had at least one flip phones for their own. It was a familiar phone for people, but these phones are now replaced by smartphones recently. However, actually, these flip phones had lots of contrivances to make people feel convenient when using these phones. For example, these three buttons: 5, pair, power supply, has a small bumpy dot on it, and you can notice where all the buttons are on when they touch these small bumps. These bumps can not only help people that cannot see where the buttons are but also is performing streamlining to ordinary people because they can see what words they are inputting while pushing the button below.

There is a tiny projection on "5"botton

Our thoughts

One member of our team was using flip phones until several months ago, but did not felt any discomfort about operating it without watching buttons. However, I noticed that I was having the delicate feel of the gap between the small projections and buttons. I thought that this is a laborer that are used to limited items that we use our hands and fingers.

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