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Public telephone

Public telephones are beginning to disappear from town, but it is also a fact that public telephones that are still in town are beginning to change into a design having UD. For example, people who are using wheelchairs and small children are having difficulty using usual public telephones because they are in a high place, but these days there are places that are installing several public telephones that are in different heights for people that are having difficulty using telephones that are in the original height. Also for another example, by making a space under the public telephone makes people using wheelchairs go closer to the phone. Moreover, there are some areas where they installed several types of public telephones for corresponding to various prepaid cards.

Our Thoughts

Public telephones are familiar to us from old days, but we see facilities which are devised so that more people can use it easy even though it has the same design from the past. We can say that these public telephones are thinking of UD we are able to choose the suitable phone to use by making height difference.

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