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There are nine years to learn compulsory education in Japan, and also we can learn a lot by taking part in high school or University which means we use various textbooks in life. Textbooks should be a device that makes all students learn equally, as for this reason there are some textbooks that is given UD. It does depend on which textbook you are using, but there are textbooks that is using fonts that are is easy to read and also thinking to color UD so that students who have incomplete color blindness can see the pictures well like the ordinary people. UD is used for all making all students learn the same thing from the same device.

A sign that shows that this textbook is thought of color UD. A sign that shows that this textbook is using UD font.

Our Thoughts

We saw texts that were said "this textbook is thinking of color universal design" frequently in textbooks we use, even in books we used when we were small. I felt query about why they write such thing even it seems normal, but now we knew that it is matter of course that we can “see normally”. In this way, we felt designs that every people can see and read normally is important to a textbook used in places like in schools.

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