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Today, it is coming very convenient in times when we could manage various information and property in prepaid cards, IC cards or in consultation cards. I think most people are putting these cards in their wallet or their card holders, but all these cards have a familiar form and shape. Even though general people can judge which card is which by the appearance, but for blind people, it is difficult to discern types of cards because all cards shape nearly the same. A contrivance of this is putting in cuts or bumps to cards. For example, there is a fan-shaped notch to book cards, and on some traffic IC cards, there is triangular shaped notch on the side of the card.

Our Thoughts

Cards are hard to notice big differences except the design, but if we take a better look on it, we can know that various cards have different cuts. Because it was a cards became necessary when shopping these days, we thought that this cuts can make us including people who cannot see sort numbers of cards by just touching. Also, we thought these cuts are well thought of users because it is not just cutting off the card, but is making a gentle curve to make safety.

Cuts of various cards.
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