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Milk pack

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Milk pack

I think whether there are many families storing milk and the juice in their refrigerators. I think that the general person can know the difference between these two packs by having a look at the graphic or the letter that is written on it. However, people who have difficulty looking, cannot tell the difference between these two packs by the graphic and the letter that is written on it. In this case, UD was thought and they gave a small cut in the upper part of the milk pack. By touching this curve, you can know the distinction of milk packs and juice packs by not looking at it. Furthermore, by touching this curve, you can tell the side to open and pour the liquid. This curve is only to the side that you open the pack, so people who have difficulty seeing is knowing which side to pour by this small cut on top of the pack.

Our Thoughts

We think that many people know that milk packs have a cut on the top. Thus, it may be said that this is a design which is well thought of UD. In addition, we thought that having a similar kind of design to other items might make a thoughtful design for lot of people.


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