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Automatic ticket gates

We now see automatic ticket gates in lots of places in Japan except for local areas. These automatic ticket gates are used when riding on a train by inserting the ticket or holding the IC card on top of the ticket gate. When we use these automatic ticket gate, maybe most people are noticing there are gates that are one point five to two times wider compared to the normal ticket gates. These wide automatic gates are set because it easy to pass to people who is carrying big baggage such as carry cases and strollers or people on wheelchairs.

wide automatic ticket gates.

Our Thoughts

Like the upper photograph, we can know that automatic ticket gates are increasing recently. The reason of this increase is because was to reduce the maintenance cost by abolishing the spread of chip cards and ticket reading functions. However, we think that everyone has an experience using the wrong automatic gate that you cannot insert the ticket, even only having a ticket to ride on the train. To make a perfect UD automatic gate, we need to make all ticket gates correspond to both IC tickets and normal tickets. But because the merit of the automatic IC card only gates are very big, there are no more ticket gates that are both for normal tickets and IC cards. Today, instead of installing new ticket gates, stations are enhancing the guidance signature, and there are many stations devising people to let go through smoothly. In the upper photograph, the sign that says that the gate is only for IC cards is fainting and difficult to read, so we think that an update of the sign is necessary.

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