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There are two main ways to use a ruler.
One is to draw a beautiful line, and another is to measure the length between two dots.
Right-handed may not notice, but we often hear that left-handed has a hard time when measuring length with a ruler. In the case of a right-handed person, you hold a ruler with your left hand, and draw a line like pushing the pen to the right from the left. However, in the case of a left-handed person, they draw a line as if holding a ruler in their right hand, and pushing it to the left from the right. When they draw a line, and the right hand interferes, and they sometimes feel uncomfortableness about the way which the numbers must be in order.
A ruler that has UD, the scale is included on both sides of the ruler, and the “zero” is both placed on the same edge. In other words, the direction of one scale is reversed compared to the other one and is making the left-handed person feel easy to pull a line smoothly using the side where scales are usually rejected by to reverse.

Durability when I draw a line by the right hand Durability when I draw a line by the left hand

Our Thoughts

Rulers are simple stationeries, so it is needed to be usable by changing with small contrivance. To mind the convenience and inconvenience that others are feeling, we think that we can recognize more about UD.

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