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Sign System

The system of directional sign to guide the places of facilities in a station or department store called Sign System. The Sign System is intended to transmit appropriate information to everybody, so they have many kind of aspects considering UD. It is necessary to consider a lot of pictogram, multilingual, and color universal design, you must care about not only these, but also the device of the setting place and uniformity of the format of each of the systems. In these aspects, it can be said that the systems are made by condensing the UDs.

Our Thoughts

I think that these sign is necessary for our lives when we go to a station or a town where we did not go in. Although we thought it was the same as before, we have been thinking about it I notice that this is the case of a superior UD. I thought the Sign System that plainness became natural to be a good example of superior UD after having checked UD this time. In addition, I felt it is superior UD, so need to pursue plainness now more than ever.

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