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Automatic doors

Automatic doors are now installed in supermarkets and department stores, apartments...and is now an ordinary scenery of buildings having automatic doors. We can say that these automatic doors are thought of UD. People who have physical difficulties using their bodies and people who are using wheelchairs are now feeling saved because they now don’t need to feel troubled to open a door. Moreover, we can say that pregnant and people who have big luggage with them are also feeling satisfaction because of the reduce of energy they have to use to open the door. We can feel convenience when movements we do ordinarily had been reduced by technology or UD.

Our Thoughts

We think that people usually realize the convenience of opening and closing doors without touching it. On the other hand, it is thought that it is difficult when electricity is unable to use, so to improve the convenience in emergency, it is needed to enhance a function to move the doors with hands.

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