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Vending machines

We now see lots of vending machines which are concentrating removing various laborers by changing the shape or other parts. However, we cannot merely call that low vending machines with the position of the button in a low place and the design which are thought of UD. We need special laborers to make a UD vending machine which vending machine of UD can really mean that they are increasing. For example, inputting numbers as the same as the top part of the vending machines is product which installed a wide coin slit of the mouth which can spend a coin at a time in the just right position. Also buttons are installed in the bottom for people who cannot reach the buttons that are on the upper part of the vending machine. The slots are in the most suitable position that both people using wheelchairs and ordinary people can feel comfortable taking the items. Moreover, they have a small rack to put small baggage or money on it. We can say that the design which it is easy to use for many people, must be made by people who knows how it feels in like standing in the situation of the user.

Our Thoughts

It really helped us when we were small from the laborer like we showed on top. However, we feel that vending machine that has buttons below, is not spreading even time passed. So we think that making more people able to use is important than making much of inexpensiveness, profit and the shape of vending machines.

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