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Bottles of shampoo

Bumps are on the lateral and on the very top part of the shampoo bottle to distinguish it from a conditioner bottle and other bottles to a bottle of the shampoo. Since of this small bumps, we can say that lots of people including visually impaired person, people who have strong shortsightedness and ordinary people who are washing their head and cannot see because of the bubble they made are feeling convenience because they can distinguish shampoo bottles and other bottles more easily by just touching the bottle.

Our Thoughts

We saw texts that were said "this textbook is thinking of color universal design" frequently in textbooks we use, even in books we used when we were small. I felt query about why they write such thing even it seems normal, but now we knew that it is matter of course that we can “see normally”. In this way, we felt designs that every people can see and read normally is important to a textbook used in places like in schools.

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