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Today, we see lots of signals standing on roads and supervising road safety. It tells us a warning in the very vivid three colors, but, in fact, the identification of red, yellow and green is hard to recognize for people who has a color weakness. They may lead a big traffic accident because of having difficulty recognizing the difference between red and green. From avoiding this to happen, some red signals have a big X inside that makes people who have color weakness discern red and green.

Our Thoughts

This is also an example of ordinary people that cannot notice. It is difficult to know when ordinary people ride on a car, but we knew about the convenience for people who has color weakness. We must react swiftly in emergency including the direct front of the accident, and the most important and the fastest way to know things is to see by color. Thus, after all we felt it is important to think and see the world in a different viewpoint, and think of a way to improve.

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