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Laundry machine

Laundry machines are indispensable today for having a clean life. These machines are now designed to make people feel convenient by using less power and to be able to use it in a comfortable form. You can open and close by using just one button, and as for so-called "drum type laundry machine" is for short people and also for child helping their parents which help the feel easy to deposit and withdraw laundry. Also, the buttons are well discerning by the bumps and by the color and size, and the size or type of the buttons. There are also laundry machines that have voice guides to tell us what to do with the laundry machine.

Our Thoughts

We found that there are lots of contrivance to laundry machines. For example, the size of the buttons, the notification by sound and light and also, a big outlet. Even in old laundry machines, we were able to see these contrivances like the size of button, and we knew that these machines were thought for customers from a long time ago.

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