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There are many faucets which is shaped like a plus sign in public toilets or at school. However, this design needs big labor to open the faucet for people who doesn’t have much power, and it cannot be said that it is easy to use for everybody. By changing the shape of the faucet to the plus sign to a long lever, it makes people use less power to open it. We can also prevent accidents from water coming out weakly even though they thought that they closed the faucet perfectly. We can reduce power to use by the principle of leverage because the lever is very long. Also, you can move the lever using your elbow which means that you don’t need to worry about polluting the lever by your hands. Furthermore, sensor-type faucets are more in a UD and are the final shape that made people use the most less power to earn water.

an old type of faucet① an od type of faucet②I guess the water leaks out from these faucettypes

A new lever-type faucet This faucet can turn on the water to upside

A new sensor-type faucet

Our Thoughts

The letter performs a very important function in obtaining information. Most of information for us to gather from a letter, and the media such as newspaper TV and WEB are necessary about letter. In addition, a sign and the map installed in the station must be readable to any person. In the case of the medium that needs a readability and plainness, it is necessary to care about the form of the letter that is a Font, then UD Fonts was founded. Many font production companies work on the devise of the UD font, every companies consider about a high visibility, readability, prevent wrong reading. To devise, make a line bigger, raise a gap and shape make simple. I use UD font in this site and introduce them in a different page.

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