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Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning up may be one of the house work that it is particularly troublesome rattling a vacuum cleaner in your house. The contrivance for this is to make the vacuum cleaner cordless and reduce the weight. Companies tried to invent a compact vacuum cleaner, and now lots of vacuum cleaners don't have the long hose and the big cyclone machine. Even though the vacuum cleaner got compact and it changed to typed battery vacuum, the power to suck in garbage does not decrease, thanks to the improvement of technology.

Our Thoughts

Vacuum cleaners which we used when we were small, had a big and heavy main body and very noisy even it does not suck garbage any much. However, the vacuum cleaners today are cordless which makes it easy to carry, light weighted and easy to throw away garbage inside. In addition, companies are also pushing these functions, and we knew about the high needs of the user.

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