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The healthy welfare station obstacle welfare part of Yokohama city advises about the introduction of UD taxis. The UD taxis adopts a van as the UD taxi. This UD taxi has a sliding door and a step, handrails in the entrance and exit, and helps people using wheelchair getting on the taxi more smoothly by using the back of the taxi which has enough space for them. Also, the drivers received special training, and special educations are done to these drivers so that consideration and the assistance to a wheelchair user will be smoothen. The demand for such UD taxi is also increasing in the foreign territory, and there is the example that the UD taxi made in Japan had exported to the U.K. In Yokohama city, there is a movement that companies that want to install UD taxies, may have some subsidy to buy these UD taxies.
It is the introduce situation of UD Taxis in kanto area with subvention.
source of reference:「関東管内UDタクシー導入状況」(UDタクシー研究会・

Our Thoughts

We sometimes see UD taxis in town. It was bigger than the normal type, and the customer using wheelchair was getting off from the rear of the taxi. To see the state, we thought that it won’t go this way in common taxis in this way and felt that UD taxis can be used to ordinary people, to spend the time in the taxi comfortably in the taxi.

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