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Electric toothbrush

It can become one of the long-lived secrets to brush your teeth well and to keep health. However, moving your arm back and forth many times to brush your teeth and needs a lot of energy than you imagine. By brushing your teeth with the electric toothbrush, you don’t need too many energies to use when brushing your teeth. All you need to do is turn on the switch and put it and pushes it to your tooth lightly. Furthermore, you can clean your teeth by using the power of the ultrasonic wave, which cleans off most of the germs and dental plaque on your teeth.

Our Thoughts

We feel that ads of electric toothbrushes are increasing in these several years. Because of the advantage of mechanization, the quality has improved and also, companies are thinking to have new users that are thinking usual tooth brushes are inconvenient. The attention of people may be high simply because it is a thing about our tooth which a person continues using throughout our life.

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