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We can notice the difference with toilets that are normally installed in a home with toilets installed in the public accommodation such as a station or the shops. The particularly multipurpose restroom becomes the space where the inside was extensive and also has slopes to enter, which makes people who use wheelchairs satisfied. Also, leaning the mirror a little to the ground makes people using wheelchairs use the mirror more comfortably.
In late years, like pictures below, restrooms are normally becoming UD.

Restroom at our school

In our school, there are two school buildings – one made from the very beginning, and another that was made recently. We compared the restroom in these two school buildings.

These are urinal of the existing school building. The toilet stool was installed in a high place and might have troubled the examinee who visited a school or also the junior high students. These are urinal of the new school building. The toilet stools are made big - even a small child can use it. Moreover, the urinal can wash it with a sensor.

The urinal corresponding to the use of a person to the elderly person and the crippled was installed in the new school building, too.

Restroom in the station

We looked at only a few; we also paid attention to UD restrooms that were in stations

This is the washing button. You don’t need strong power to push the button and “Flush” is also written in English. This is the operation button of the Washlet. It is all in both in Japanese and English and also using pictograms for preventing mistakes for using the Washlet.

Our Thoughts

One of our members went to Korea for entering a competition. When using a restroom there, the control panels of washing button and the Wash let were unified, and it was difficult to use even though there were pictograms on it. In addition, he felt inconvenient because it was a guide only in Hangul Alphabet. Therefore, we think that it is important to have English supports not only in restrooms, but also in other public facilities.
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