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Let’s say that there is an unknown door in front of you. Do you pull or do you push the door that has only one door knob? In fact, maybe many people have experience about making mistakes of how to open a door – which to push or to pull the door. Even if you write which to do with that door, it is hard to understand and notice this so we cannot call it UD. As an example, UD door is a door that has different parts of the face on the other side. One has a bar and a flat board on the door. The person goes in front a door that has a bar; people may sensuously pull the door, and also may push it if there is a flat board. This UD door makes people take this movement more smoothly.

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Our Thoughts

Thought Doors are things that we see in all buildings everywhere. Because we open and close it naturally, it has to be a structure that is easy to understand how to use. We surprised that doors are not making the itself in a high efficiency, but is also needed to contrive parts of it.。

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