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It is essential to introduce UD to trains used by various people every day. This page introduces UD seen in trains and stations.

A fishing leather

Have you ever seen a train with different height of fishing leather? Low strap makes it is easy to catch even for people who cannot not rise arms high, such as short people and elderly people. Recently, many railway companies incorporate this type of strap and I think this also represents the spread of UD to the society. Yellow strap in the vicinity of the priority seat also makes the location of the priority seat clearer.
Railroad companies also may develop their own straps easy to grasp.


There are some poles between some commuter train seats which has various roles.
(1) To clarify the division of the seats and have them sit according to the capacity. (Though this does not apply to the UD 7 principle.)
(2) To support standing people. Short children who cannot reach straps may hold on to the pole.
(3) To support someone from standing up from a seat. It is very useful for elderly people, injured people, and also people who have lots of luggage.
In addition, there is a laborer to build more the poles of the priority seat with the pole of the priority seat as yellow like a strap.

The outskirts of the priority seat
Pole between the seat

Guide device

Inside and outside the train there are lots of guidance device to guide the stops and destination. Guides with English display and “Hiragana”, “Katakana” are being made to clarify the guide.
there are various types of guidance devices such as television type and display type using LEDs, but the latest one is of the television type, with the train stopping station, required time, manners evoked and transit You can easily and efficiently know various information such as information. Also, some of the latest ones have been devised such as making fonts UD or considering color universal design.
Although the guidance device in the car now spread to most vehicles, there are many vehicles not long ago, where are you now, what type (express, expressway, stop etc) you are riding a train, in the car It was a big progress as we could only know about the conductor's announcement.
Furthermore, nowadays, in addition to English guidance, there are increasing numbers of people who are providing guidance in Chinese and Korean.

Display of hiragana
Display English

Display Chinese
Display Korean

Route map, guidance signature

The route map of the station is very complicated, and some people may have experience staring at the route map finding where to go. It becomes hard to watch the route map to people who has a color weakness because the pike is complicated by the difference between routes. Choosing colors that it is easy to distinguish or putting on line indicate to the route is a way to solve this, and also changing the type of line, or putting on hatchings – narrow lines that are all the wat through the shape. Furthermore, installing alphabets that shows various lines makes color weak people understand not from the color, but from the letters by knowing where to go.

As another ingenuity, there is also a route map where station numbering is done, which will be described in detail below.

Station numbering

Station numbering is to give a number to the station. Route symbols are also often given together. The photo of the guide device above is also small, but the station number is written. By doing like this, you can realize a railway that is easy to understand for even foreign tourists even if similar station names continue, for example.

The station number is listed on the route map.

Travel Tips - Route Numbering in Progress in Foreign Countries

One of the authors had lived in the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels in the past.
At the subway of Brussels, numbers are distributed for each route like Japanese buses, and not only are guided destinations only like Japan, but the number of the system is also guided. By giving guidance with numbers, we were able to ride the subway comfortably even if we do not understand foreign languages (French / Dutch) very much.
Also, in other European countries, information using route numbers rather than guidance using route names was mainstream.
I felt that the number indication is easier to understand than the alphabet display, so the author thinks that it is better to show the number in Japan, but considering the metropolitan area with the world's leading huge railway network, it will be near impossible . So I think that in local cities we should take the initiative and introduce the route number. In addition, I think that it is the best policy to actively use the alphabet indications of routes, even in big cities.

Premetro of Brussels (a combination of a subway and a tram).
All the subway system is divided by number.

Our thoughts

Even among transportation facilities, trains have a large number of users and are close to us. Looking at the train riding again this time from the viewpoint of UD, there were various discoveries. There are many kinds of trains have UDs, when you get on the train, you should observe well. It may good for learning UD, and good for social learnings.

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