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Left-handed people say that they sometimes feel difficulty using scissors. There are scissors for left-handed people, but these are inconvenient for a right-handed person, and cannot be said that it is UD. Being aware of UD; at first the part of the handle grows big so that even the hand of both right and left is usable when sandwiching it; and also could be hold in various ways; it is a form of castanets, and the joining part of a blade and the blade so that it is possible for to have, and a laborer to come to be sharp is seen in even small power the person who is not usable by a person of the limbs inconvenience.

Our Thoughts

When right handed people uses scissors with their left hand, they may notice that it is difficult to cut for some reason. Because we won’t use scissors with our left hand, we were surprised at this. In addition, I felt that design of stationaries has a big room for growth, because we don’t need to use machines or other complicated contrivances to make more people use comfortably.

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