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The non-step buses which came to see a state running in town reduced most of the steps as much as possible and is a vehicle which reduced the burden to move your foot up. Laborers include that they reduced the step in the entrance and lowered the flooring than the general bus.
There are also busses that do the “Kneeling” – which means to decline one side of the bus to make people easier to hop on. Also, most these busses have the space to stop easily with a wide entrance and is also a kind design to people who uses wheelchairs and elders.

Our Thoughts

When it goes along walking near our school, we see non-step buses at the rotary. However, there are not so many numbers, and we can say that these non-step buses are not that much spread in society. When we used non-step buses when we were young, according to the memory that we were able to get on and off without having help, it comes to be possible for a getting on and off car more easily because a there are no steps. Even though this design is useful, it may be difficult when the thing that these designs are needed are expensive like buses, it might be difficult to spread it. In addition, there is a great deal of number of passengers in the area near our school and we think that there is the demerit to be connected with the non-step bus which the number of the capacity falls down to for aggravation of the congestion.

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