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Low thresholds

You may find many thresholds and steps in much Japanese style houses. Maybe some people had an experience tripping over these thresholds, and made a bruise? Getting rid or making thresholds lower it as much as possible can reduce the amount of steps in your house. These steps may injure people that are ordinary by being careless. And is also a big barrier for elders and people using wheel chairs. Reducing these small things is a very important thing to be close to a UD society.

Our Thoughts

There are steps which is easy to trip on when we visit our grandparents’ house and falls down frequency once a day. We are okay because our body is strong, however, we thought that this may be a big barrier when we start to use wheelchairs and sticks. In addition, we remember that it was easy to carrying things around in facilities without steps, so we think that reducing the steps in routes where people go through makes us keep safety.

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