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Plastic bottle

I think that there are many people purchasing the plastic bottle drinks often. Have you not felt it easy to hold when you used a 2L plastic bottle? This is because there are many laborers in these plastic bottles. There is a hollow that fits to one’s hand to make it easy to carry in the lateral central part of the 2L plastic bottle, and this even let the small peoples’ hand is easy to grab a heavy plastic bottle. Furthermore, there are companies that are having hollows on the top or on the shoulder of the 2L plastic bottles. This is to make it easy to control it with a finger when you open the lid of the plastic bottle. In addition, the label of the plastic bottle circumference is processed to be easy to rip off, and the perforations are acquired.

Our Thoughts

There are plastic bottles explaining where they made contrivance to the shape and to the design. Companies each understood a variety of contrivances, and we realized that the design of these items are having attract from customers. In addition, there are big differences in convenience even the shape had changed only a little, and we were able to observe it with great interest.

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