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Taking a bath is still a Japanese way to heal your body from a long time ago. You do not want to get injured in a place to heal yourself. However, bathtubs are a dangerous place that may hurt yourself. The place where an elderly person and a small child misunderstand and trip over often is because of the difference of the height of the bottom of a floor of the bathtub and the bathroom. The old bathtubs came to have high bottom floors, and people may trip over the step with the bathhouse, and triggers accidents frequently. Now it is possible for the bath to have a lower height of the bottom floor, which had reduced a number of accidents. Furthermore, there is a bathroom using a material of the floor that is a hard slip. Moreover, there is the bathtub using a material of the floor that you can clean the tub easily.

Our Thoughts

The shape of old type and new type baths had surprised us most when we went to old houses present houses. There was a considerable depth when we set our foot even we felt the bath of the old house to be shallow, and we almost slid down when we used it for the first time. In contrast, recent bathtubs are well considered with the depth and a shape and felt UD was thought.

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