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Wireless remote controller

Wireless remote controllers are electric appliances which are imminent for us. We operate various electric appliances including an air-conditioner and TV with these wireless remote controllers. There are things which were devised to make it easy to use these controllers. For example, some operation buttons are designed big, and by reducing some of the buttons makes it becomes simple. Also, there are wireless remote controllers which have a narrow area around in the middle to make the remote controller easy to hold. About the colored buttons on the remote controller, just having the colored buttons is not a kind design for color weak persons, so remote controllers these days has descriptions of what the color is. This made the color weak people know what the color is. It is necessary to give all people a usable design simply because it is imminent.
It is the constriction of the remote controller. The remote controller with the constriction becomes easy to hold.

It is the foreign remote controller. The color buttons aren’t written their color names. color blinds can’t distinction difference of colors. This one is written color name, even color blinds can easy to operate.

Our Thoughts

Wireless remote controllers are to be made easy to distinguish buttons by a color and projection, but there were too many buttons when it becomes to a remote controller for TVs, and it is often said that people cannot tell the difference of every button by only a projection. Besides, we felt it may not be a way to solve this problem by just changing the color of these buttons for people who has disabilities to their eyes, so now we need to find a solution for how to make an easy-to-use remote controller for a high performance TV.

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