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Activity Report

~What we saw and experienced about UD~

Interview to Mr. Oka

We interviewed Mr. Makoto Oka when making this site. Mr. Oka is researching about ergonomics in Tokyo City University, and also is teaching us information science in our junior and senior high school. We had a chance to ask things to him because of this relationship, and we learnt about how UD must be and got some advices to this Web site.

The scene we were told the story

The first time we interviewed Mr. Oka was before writing the actual sentence of the site. We deepened knowledge about UD and also asked about points that we felt query about UD. For example, about the border between UD and barrier-free and the possibility of complete UD – these stories from Mr. Oka were very valuable materials to the consideration to UD.

In addition, in conjunction with UD, Mr. Oka showed us a slide that he uses in his ergonomics classes. Recently, it is said that people are getting far behind of technological development. Because of pursuing a high leveled technology knowledge, people are seeming to forget the usability of items we use. In these cases, ergonomics could be one solution. Ergonomics is to research what kind of designs that human beings can feel comfortable as possible. Mr. Oka is also researching about high utility factor and safety by changing the design slightly. During the slide, he also showed us some videos about interfaces that his students in his laboratory are studying. Even though they were all designed by university students, all designs were seemed very comfortable to use in lots of people. In addition, we felt this interview had helped our consideration very much.

he second time we had a chance to have a talk with Mr. Oka, we were able to had some advices about the site that was partially finished. The most unforgettable quote from him, was that UD is not giving people several ways to use. Originally, UD is a design that is used for many people in one simple design. However, making a lot of exclusive designs for every person, is actually not against the principle of UD. It is important to think again about what UD is. In addition, we had indication about the difference between universal products and convenient goods when we had advices about the UD dictionary. For example, with the thumbtack with the cover, before having the correction we were writing about the safety by having this silicon cover. However, according to Mr. Oka, this is sentence seems to be just explaining convenient goods. Of course it is necessary to make items reliable, but it is the core meaning of UD is to make more people feel comfortable to use these items. What we need to tell about this thumbtack is both about the safety and about reducing the energy when pulling the thumbtack from bulletin boards. Through this correction, we learnt that we always need to think about what we need to tell the most about the item or about the service.

We want to appreciate to Mr. Oka about teaching us about UD and answered to kinds of questions we had. Thank you.

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