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Activity Report>Searched UD in school

Activity Report

~What we saw and experienced about UD~

There is a lot of UD in daily life.
Therefore I decided to take it up about "the school" which was particularly familiar to us. The bad point was found every day not to mention a good point when I observed the school which went again at a point of view of UD.
I place below a visit report.


Wheelchair experience

The person who got on the wheelchair thought whether it was easy to use an elevator to be it in a question and I borrowed a wheelchair from teachers and really got on an elevator. I place below the animation of the state of the getting on and off car.

The sound does not come out.
It is revealed that it is very difficult to get in and out into this elevator when I watch this. The reasons are...
1.It is hard to treat a wheelchairs We were no used to operate it.
2.A door closes without guidance and, very fast.
3.The door's width is too narrow, so that passing through the door is difficult. Since the width of the door is too narrow, we couldn't use the mirror for backward confirmation.

To make it easy to use it with a wheelchair

We discuss the solution of this problem.
1.Make the exit wider
2.Make the time longer when the door opens.
3.When the door closes, make a guidance. senser and privent to a person is in the place of the door

Steel doors - Consideration

Almost all doors in our school have the similar kind of design as this photograph. Because this door was hard to grab the handrail and was heavy, we thought this door can feel inconvenience not only to physical handicappers but also to ordinary people. Also, we also felt that it 's hard to know which to pull or push the door, this made us feel these doors not thought of UD.

The appearance of the door
It is hard to catch the knob of the door.


We thought that making this door more universally designed; we need to mend three points of this door: making this door lighter, make this bare easier to grab and putting different parts to know easier which way to open. What we suggested was to make this door able to open on both sides and remove the handrail to make it lighter. By this improvement, people can now overwhelm the door by light power from both directions, which is UD that makes more people feel comfortable to use this door.

Restroom - Consideration

The men's restrooms in the old school building were installed in a high position, and we felt it was hard to for short people. Also, there were no urinals with a handrail equivalent for helping people using wheelchairs. However, the restrooms in the new school building became larger, and there were urinals with bars to correspond to people who uses wheelchairs. We felt that toilets in the newer school buildings were well thought about UD.

Faucets - Consideration

The faucets in the old school buildings only have this X-shaped levers, which 's hard to use for people who doesn't have enough power. Compared to faucets in the newer school building, we found faucets with long levers on the top, and also sensor-typed faucets. Faucets in the multi-purpose restrooms they had both the sensor and the X-shaped lever together. Just same as about the toilets, we thought that faucets in the new school buildings are thinking well about UD.

Automatic doors - Consideration

Automatic doors - Consideration

Pillars - Consideration

In ths hallway, there was a place where a pillar obstracts the path where people go. Yet this is a problem because of the construction, we thought this should be fixed in a way that people can go through easily.

A pillar that is in the middle of the hallway. People may get injured because this pillar is made of concrete.
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